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Creating custom artwork that captures your treasured memories of people, pets, places and objects from your life is one of the more meaningful parts of my career as an artist. I hope the paintings I make for you become a cherished point of happiness in your space. Please refer to the FAQ below for more information on custom artwork.

  • Do you work from photos?
    I love to work from photos! I use digital tools to edit them and create a custom image that captures the subject in a unique way.
  • When choosing a portrait reference, what should I consider?
    Images with a distinct light direction are most interesting. Flash photography flattens out the features, so avoid those when possible. Clear, sharp features that capture your subject’s personality or distinct mood/attitude make great paintings. I’m happy to look at options with you to help you choose a great one!
  • How do I get a really great photo of my pet?
    Shoot your pet in natural light, from a view at their level. Consider flipping your phone upside down and holding it low, aiming up at your pet for some interesting “regal” angles. Make sure the sun is BEHIND you (or to the side - not in front of you). Get close to your pet to allow for good detail definition.
  • What if I want a painting of a place, thing, or group of things?
    For other subjects, I’m happy to work with you to choose or create the perfect reference image.
  • Do you ship?
    Shipping is available anywhere in the contiguous US. Shipping costs are dependent on your painting’s size. Once we determine the size, I am happy to give you an estimate.
  • What do I do now?
    Once I receive your email and we decide on the details and due date, you will receive an invoice for a $200 deposit towards the balance (which isn’t due until the painting is complete). I’ll send you painting preview photos for feedback. Once you're happy with your painting and the balance is paid, I will ship your custom painting (or deliver locally).
  • Commission Sizes and Pricing for 2023-2024
    (Prices are subject to change in future bookings.) 11 x 14 $1000 16 x 16 $1400 16 x 20 $1600 20 x 24 $2000 24 x 24 $2200 24 x 30 $2500 30 x 30 $3000 36 x 48 $3500
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